Terms of Service

By using our service which is limited to https://a-gen.xyz and it Discord bot listed in the header:                                                
- You agree to the terms listed below.                                                                                                         
- You will abide by them.                                                                                                                                               
- You are held responsible if you didn't read the ToS before using.                                                                                      

The words "you" & "your" represents you as a user of this website and it Discord bot                                                
The words "our" & "we" represents us as owners and makers of this website and it Discord bot                                                
The word "service" represents the main functionality that the website and it Discord bot have been built on.                                                

1. Our service is free of charge. Selling the access by anyway is not allowed.                                                                   
2. Our official website is https://a-gen.xyz. We are not held responsible if your data got stolen by any fake versions of A-Gen.                                                
3. Our service have a cooldown like any other. Using any kind of tools to bypass the cooldown is prohibited.                                                
4. To keep our service free of charge, we need a way to get money so we can re-invest it on our service. Using either ad blockers or bypassers is not allowed.                                                
5. We do put a big effort to keep our service alive. Spamming/Abusing our service by anyway is not allowed.                                                
6. Our official "verified" Discord bot & Discord server can be found in the header. We do not own any other servers or bots.                                                
7. Helping anyone to get through any ToS break will not be tolerated.                                                                           
8. Selling/Sharing the accounts you got from this website or it Discord bot is not allowed.                                                         
9. By using our service, you agree that you are held responsible for any illegal use of the service and that we have nothing to do about it.                                                
10. By using our service, you agree that we store some of your data to guarantee the smoothness of the service.                                                
11. By using our service, you agree that the ToS can be changed anytime without a prior notice                                                
12. By using our service, you agree that we don't represent the companies that owns these accounts.                                                
13. By using our service, you know that you're data is completely safe and won't be shared/selled at all.                                                

Our accounts are LEGALLY obtained for trial purposes ONLY. You can use these accounts to test the premium functions of the softwares provided!
Our service is 100% legal and we are not violating the privacy of the accounts owners and they still have the full access to their accounts!    
Our service is not providing cracked/hacked accounts and is not following illegal ways.